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General information

Gym Kids runs a holiday programme for children age 4.5-11 yr to build on our regular term classes. In hobsonville we accept children up to 13 yrs old

Children will have a fantastic time with us learning new gymnastic skills, having fun with great games, art and craft activities and making new friends. Gymnastics videos and themed activities are part of the programme.                                                         

Over the Summer holiday programme We will also have water games to add extra FUN to our  programme. Through our programs we develop fundamental gymnastic skills. 

If you've never done gymnastics before or already have a few tricks up your sleeve we can help you improve.  Have a go at walking the beam, mini trampoline, rings, parallel and horizontal bars, vault and mat work. Please don't forget your Lunch box, drink bottle, morning and afternoon snack. 



Freemans Bay  - Freemans Bay Community centre - 52 Hepburn Street 
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Hobsonville - Gym Zone, 1 / 4Workspace Dr -

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Freemans Bay


JULY  2020

 Week 1: MONDAY 6th, TUESDAY 7th  and WEDNESDAY 8th  

 Week 2: MONDAY 13th, TUESDAY 14th and WEDNESDAY 15th  


  • Full day,    9.00-4.00pm,  
  • Half day,    9.00-1.00pm, 
  • Half day,    1.00 -4.00pm,  

        Note: Drop off from 8.45am for full day and morning session.

Please Click Here if you wish to register your child now in Freemans Bay in JULY 




JULY  2020

 Week 1: MONDAY 6th - FRIDAY 10th 

 Week 2: MONDAY 13th -  FRIDAY 17th  


  • Full day,    9.00-4.30pm,  
  • Half day,    9.00-1.00pm, 
  • Half day,    1.00 - 4.30pm,  

        Note: Drop off from 8.30am for full day and morning session.       

Please Click Here if you wish to register your child now in HOBSONVILLE in JULY


After hours (*)

You can organise with us a pick up after hours  at the time you drop off your child or via email before the programme starts. You will be able to pick your child up no later than 5.30pm  for an extra charge of $15.  

If you need this After hour care a short form will need to be filled out at the reception. 

This after hours fee must be paid at the latest when your child is dropped off. 

(*) Hobsonville only

Fees and Discounts 


 Number  of Days 1 2 3 4 5

Total cost with 15% discount from 2nd day (HALF DAY)




$83.25 $121.50 $159.75 $198.00


Total cost with 15% discount from 2nd day (FULL DAY)


 $72 $133.20 $194.4 $255.60 $316.80


One full day is $72, one Half day either in the morning or in the afternoon is $45. You will receive a 15% discount from the second day as long as you book same type of session for the same child. For example if you book 2 mornings sessions for the same child you will get a 15% off on the second day.  



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Just wanted to say:

Thank you a for another great term Pablo. Maya really loves the classes and will be back next term.


Lisa - Kumeu